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What is included in the free download pack?

You’ll receive 11 different resources, featuring:

  • An interactive game to introduce the magic e rules
  • 4x A4 posters with a_e, i_e, o_e and u_e labelled images
  • 3x printable blending wheels with a magic e wand and pictures
  • 3x interactive spin the wheel games with pictures.
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What is magic e?

Magic e is when an ‘e’ is added to the end of a CVC word. It changes the word in a special way!

For example, cap cape, pin pine, hop hope, cub cube.

Watch our magic e video for more information or read on to find out!

Can you hear the magic e at the end?

No! The ‘e’ is silent, which is why magic e is also known as silent e.

You do not pronounce the final ‘e’ at all, but it does do something interesting to the middle vowel of the CVC word…

What happens to the middle vowel of the CVC word?

The middle vowel sound of the CVC words is a short vowel sound.

But when the magic e is added, these short vowels change into a long vowel sound. Magic!

In our packs, we are consistent by showing short vowels in red and long vowels in blue.

Can I have some more examples of magic e words?

There are lots of examples with images available in the download pack.

In the interactive game, there are 18 different examples for your learner to work through using the guided discovery method.

What is guided discovery?

This is an inductive approach to help your student actively recognize how the words change.

By asking questions and showing them examples, they are encouraged to see that the ‘e’ is silent and the vowel sound of the CVC changes.

This type of structured learning is great for building their confidence and makes the experience more memorable for them.

Where is the e_e poster?

Magic e does not work well with CVC words that have middle vowel /e/.

That is why you’ll only find a_e, i_e, o_e and u_e words included in the posters and examples.

How do I assemble the magic e blending wheels?

Watch the magic e video for instructions on how to make your blending wheels.

How can my learner use the blending wheels?

Watch the magic e video for a demonstration on how to use the blending wheels.

There are two main ways:

1. Spin the magic e wand and blend the word, then match the new word to the correct image. 

2. Choose an image first, then work backwards to find the word on the wheel.

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How do I open the interactive resources?

Visit our Interactive Resources page or watch this useful video.

Is magic e the same as bossy e?

Yes! It is just another name for how the ‘e’ at the end changes the original word.

We prefer calling it magic e as the learners remember that something magical happens!

Summary of magic e

Here are the golden rules for using magic e.

1. Use a CVC word*

2. Add a silent ‘e’ to the end 

3. Change the short vowel middle sound to a long vowel sound.

Watch our magic e video for more ideas on how to teach magic e.

*Avoid CVC words with middle sound /e/.


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