Interactive Resources

Every pack on this website includes digital resources to engage your learner. 

There are printable and interactive materials in each bundle because we know that not everyone has access to a printer.

If you have PowerPoint or the free PowerPoint app, you can:
– open the interactive resources on any device.
– use the interactive resources with no internet connection.

Free Interactive Resources

Download these free interactive resources to test them out!

1. Click on the title links to download the interactive resources.
2. Extract the file from the zipped folder.
3. Open the unzipped file.
4. Right click and open using PowerPoint or the PowerPoint app.
5. Click ‘Presentation mode’ if this has not happened automatically.

For more detailed instructions on how to open and use these interactive resources, see the video or troubleshooting tips below.


Watch this demonstration video that shows you how the interactive resources work.

Remember, you must first extract the files then open the interactive resources with PowerPoint or the PowerPoint app.

If the fonts or interactive elements in your digital resource look different or do not work properly, it is because you need to reopen the file using PowerPoint.

Read the troubleshooting tips below.

Open the resources using PowerPoint

Before we start, if you do not have PowerPoint installed on your device, please download the free app from the App Store or Google Play store.

If you have a desktop computer or Apple Mac and you do not have PowerPoint installed, scroll down for instructions on how to open them for free.

Having problems using your interactive resource?

Here are some easy troubleshooting tips:

1) The fonts look different or do not fit the page properly.

Reopen the interactive resource using PowerPoint. The fonts in the PowerPoint Show files (.ppsx) are embedded, and will appear correctly if you use PowerPoint or the free PowerPoint app. If you are using a desktop computer or Mac, scroll down for more information.

Correct font
Correct font
Incorrect font
Incorrect font

2) The interactive elements do not work properly.

Reopen the interactive resource using PowerPoint and check that you are in Presentation mode. This should happen automatically on a computer or Chrome book, but you may need to press the ‘play’ icon if you are using a tablet or phone. 

The animation and sound effects in the PowerPoint show file (.ppsx) will work correctly if you open it using PowerPoint or the free PowerPoint app.

Opened with PowerPoint
Elements working correctly
Incorrect - reopen with PowerPoint

3) The slides seem to be in the wrong order.

If you are using a touchscreen device, swipe to go forwards.

If you are using a computer or laptop, use the mouse or left button on the touchpad to advance slides.

However, when you see navigation arrows (next/back), do not swipe (touchscreen) or use the arrow buttons on the keyboard (computer/laptop). These slides have specific click areas for the learner to interact with the content.

Click or swipe to go forwards
Click on the answer then click on 'Next' button


4) I accidentally skipped a slide. Can I go back?

Yes you can! Simply swipe or click the backwards arrow on your keyboard to return to the previous slide. 

Any submitted answers will be saved, but if you did not click on an answer, it will be blank for you to try again.

5) I want to play the animation or sound again. Is that possible?

Yes! Click on the sound or play icon to repeat the effect. The object or sound automatically resets itself so you do not need to go back.


6) My learner has finished the interactive game. How do we exit the presentation?

You can hit ‘Esc’ on your keyboard, or if you are using a touchscreen device such as a tablet or mobile phone, tap or swipe the screen to see the presentation options. Click on the PPT icon with a cross to exit (on the far right).


7) The interactive game has opened but I can see lots of slides.

Don’t worry, you are just in Presenter view. Click on the first slide to zoom in again and start from there. This can sometimes happen if the learner taps on the small presenter icon in the bottom left corner.


8) The screen is small and there is a lot of black space either side.

This is easy to fix. The interactive flashcards are in portrait mode, whereas the other interactive resources are better viewed in landscape mode.

All of our interactive resources are designed to work in any orientation of your device, but you can make them fit better by rotating your tablet or mobile device. Make sure that the orientation mode is on ‘Auto rotate’ for the best fit. 

Flashcards - portrait (recommended)
Flashcards - landscape
Activities - landscape (recommended)
Activities - portrait

How to open with a Tablet or Mobile device:

Before we start, if you do not have PowerPoint installed on your device, please download the free app from the App Store or Google Play store.

1. Right click your downloaded zipped folder, and click Extract all.

2. Open your unzipped files. 

3. Right click on an Interactive file – it is a PowerPoint Show file (.ppsx).

4. Click Open with…and select PowerPoint.

5. Click on the back arrow at the top left to open your interactive resource. You do not need to sign in or sign up for free.

How to open with a Computer or Mac:

If you do not have PowerPoint installed on your device, you can still open the resources without paying to install Microsoft Office.

However, you will need to be connected to the internet to use the resources.

1. Go to the free online PowerPoint browser: 

2. Sign in to your Microsoft account (,, or Or create a new account for free.

3. Drag and drop the interactive file to upload, or click on the ‘Upload and open‘ link on the right under the slide templates.

4. Click on ‘Present’ in the top right corner.

Be aware that the files will not look as high-res using this web browser.

For more general information, visit the How it Works page.

For specific information about each level, check out the Phonics, Reading and Themed FAQ pages.

If you need further help opening the interactive resources, contact us.

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