Hello and welcome to my online learning website. My name is Teacher Lindsey and I’m a Cambridge CELTA-qualified teacher. I’ve taught hundreds of young learners how to read and develop their core skills in English. I have experience teaching and developing curriculums in private schools and enrichment centers in Singapore and Costa Rica. 

My specialty is teaching phonics and reading, and I developed these classroom-tested materials to help my young learners reach their goals. Now, they are available to you too. I hope you enjoy using them!

Course overview

The Phonics Program is for young learners who are beginning to learn English. The letters, sounds and sight words are ordered by frequency, starting with the highest-frequency words. By targeting the most common parts of the language first, your student will grow in confidence more quickly. This course aims to help learners develop their phonics skills to prepare them for reading. The goal of this program is to blend and segment 4-sound words and recognize common sight words.

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The Reading Program is designed for learners who can already blend 4-sound words with some confidence and accuracy. Starting from Book 1, the student will encounter one new sound per book and build on their grammar, comprehension and writing skills along the way. Each book bundle includes activity ideas and worksheets to further challenge the learner so that they can demonstrate their learning, understand context and begin to think critically. After completing the 50 book program, the learner will be able to read English more fluently and answer simple comprehension questions.

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The Themed Lessons include topics featured in the early years of primary school and in the ESL curriculum for A1-B1 learners from the EAQUALs Core Inventory. Key themes include the weather, shapes, colors, feelings and pets. The interactive games and follow-up activities allow learners to start forming simple sentences and use the language in context when speaking and writing. The overall aim of this program is to introduce core topics and increase the learner’s ability to express themselves in English.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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