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Our digital resources will help your child learn new words quickly and encourage them to take control!

The interactive audio buttons allow the students to listen to the word being pronounced.

You can find our interactive flashcards in every Phonics or Themed lesson pack. 

For more information, see our Interactive Resources page.


What are interactive flashcards?

Interactive flashcards are digital resources that help your student to learn new words.

They include images, the word and an audio button to hear the word.

At the end, all of the images are presented together to encourage the learner to try to remember them all.

How can I use the interactive flashcards?

The interactive flashcards can be used to introduce or pre-teach new vocabulary words. This is really useful if you are working on a new sound or topic together.

Alternatively, you can use them to review a topic to see how many words your child has learnt.

When should I use them in the lesson?

The interactive flashcards are a great warm-up activity as they help the young learner to identify the key words or sounds in the lesson.

They should be used at the start to introduce the child to the sound or topic and prepare them for the other activities featured in the pack.

How can I use them in my lesson?

The interactive flashcards can be used as a whole class activity to practice drilling pronunciation together.

They can also be used as an individual work station resource where the child can practice pronouncing the words on their own using the audio.

Do the flashcards encourage learner autonomy?

Yes! The audio is built in so the child can learn how to say the words correctly without needing the teacher to demonstrate or model it for them. 

By encouraging the learner to take control, it increases their autonomy and makes learning more interactive for them!

Should my learner read the word or listen to it first?

It depends on the level of the learner and the type of resource that is being used. They may already know the word from the image, but not recognize the word written down.

For the interactive flashcards in the phonics packs, encourage your learner to blend the word first. They can then check by listening to the audio.

For the interactive flashcards in the themed packs, some of the vocabulary is more challenging so the student might need to hear the word first.

The main aim is to identify the word from the image and pronounce it correctly. 

My student has forgotten some of the words.

That’s ok, learning new vocabulary takes practice, time and effort!

You can go back to any flashcards that they have forgotten to help them remember and say the word. 

Once they recognize the words, they can move on to the next activity.

Can I open the interactive flashcards using my phone?

Yes! The resources are designed to be used on any device, from computers and laptops to mobile devices.

These digital materials can be used with touchscreen devices, a touchpad or a mouse.

See the Interactive Resources page for more details.

Do I need an internet connection to use them?

No! Once you have downloaded the pack, your interactive flashcards do not require wifi or an internet connection.

For more details, visit the Interactive Resources page.

How can I open the interactive flashcards?

Instructions on how to open the flashcards correctly are available on our Interactive Resources page.

You need to open the resources using PowerPoint which is available as a free app or online browser.

You will also find some trouble-shooting tips to help you.

Where can I see a demonstration of the flashcards being used?

I prefer less screen time. Do you have printable flashcards?

Yes! Every educational pack available in the PhonicsReading and Themed lesson store includes flashcards to print.

The printable flashcards are available as pictures and words, allowing the learner to play matching games to link the vocabulary.

You can also level up tasks by only using the image cards or the words to challenge your students!

We hope you found this blog post useful. Follow our Teaching Ideas playlist for more ideas on how to bring your classes to life!

To download your interactive flashcards, visit our Phonics and Themed lesson stores.

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