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For general FAQs such as how to use the interactive resources or sharing the materials, see the How it Works page.

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Themed Lesson FAQs

Can I watch a demo?

Which topics are covered in the Themed Lessons?

The Themed Lessons focus on some of the important topics that young learners will cover in their first years at school.

These include 2D shapes, colors, pets and farm animals. Click on the images to view the Themed packs.

Visit the Themed Lessons store or Product Listing page for more.

Is my young learner ready for the Themed Lessons?

The Themed Lessons are recommended for learners who can read fluently and recognize at least 100 sight words.

However, with some assistance, some learners who are currently working through the Reading Program would be able to use them.

The vocabulary and comprehension activities are slightly more advanced and designed to challenge your student.

Go to the Levels page for more information.

What does each Themed Pack include?

When you buy a digital themed pack, you’ll receive the following in your download bundle:

1) Interactive flashcards with audio 
2) Interactive search and find activity
3) Interactive spin the wheel game
4) Interactive matching pairs task
5) eBook
6) Printable flashcard images
7) Printable flashcard words
8) Printable poster
9) Activity, such as a word search or chain game
10) Activity, such as a crossword or sorting game

In which order should my learner complete the tasks?

That’s easy! Start from number 1 in the pack and work your way down the list. 

The first activity is the interactive flashcards with audio that help pre-teach the vocabulary. 

The following interactive tasks then test the learner’s comprehension in a variety of ways, each activity being more challenging than the last.

The printable resources (flashcard images, words, poster and 2x activities) can be used as extension tasks to review the vocabulary, work station activities or even set as homework to demonstrate how much the student has learnt.

Can I open the interactive resources without internet?

Yes! Once the files are downloaded, you do not need internet to make them work. 

The interactive resources are PowerPoint Show files, so you will need PowerPoint or the PowerPoint app to use them correctly.

Watch this video or visit the Interactive Resources page for more help.

Do the interactive resources work on a mobile phone?

Yes! Our resources are accessible, meaning you can open them on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer!

You can download the free PowerPoint app or open it using a free web browser to ensure that the digital materials work properly.

Watch this video or visit the Interactive Resources page for more help.


I'm not a teacher. Can I use these Themed resources?

Yes you can! The materials are designed to be used by anyone and include interactive vocabulary cards with audio to model pronunciation.

Your learner may need help opening the files initially or reading the instructions for each activity, but we’ve found 6 year olds who can learn independently using these resources after some practice.

The format of each themed pack is the same, it is just the content that changes. This will help your learner familiarize themselves with the tasks.

For ideas on how to use these resources, visit our blog or subscribe to our Teaching Ideas channel.


Can these resources be used for one-to-one or larger groups?

Yes! The resources are flexible to your needs and those of your student or class.

You can use these resources in a one-to-one setting with the learner working through the activities, either online or in-person.

Or, you can use with larger groups by as a whole class activity, smaller work stations or by sharing your screen in an online tutorial.

Watch a lesson in action or follow our blog for more ideas.


Can I use these resources for distance or online learning?

Yes! We have used these Themed Lessons with young learners consistently via Zoom and they work really well.

Although you will require an internet connection, you can hand over control to your learner by selecting the ‘Remote control’ option.

This allows your student to fully engage in the digital materials and click the interactive elements in the tasks. 

Then, as an extension activity, you can set tasks using the printable resources, such as flashcard matching or completing the worksheets.


Do I have to use the interactive resources?

Not at all. The Themed packs include lots of printable resources if you do not wish to use the interactive elements.

However, we do recommend that your learner starts with the audio flashcards and reads the eBook to get a better sense of the topic.

How many resources will I need for a lesson?

This entirely depends on the ability of your learner, the style of your teaching and the conditions of your class.

However, as a reference point, we have found that learners are able to complete the interactive resources of one Themed pack in around an hour.

Then, the extension activities are completed either as homework or in another session.

We recommend that you study no more than one Themed Lesson pack in a week to allow your learner sufficient time to practice.

I would like to request a new theme for a pack. Is this possible?

Yes! We are looking to add to the current themes soon with more core topics including:

  • Clothes
  • Family
  • Verbs
  • Telling the time
  • Daily routine
  • Personal hygiene
  • Fruit
  • The body
  • Shopping
  • Camping
  • Directions
  • In the house
  • Places in the community

We also have some other themes coming up to engage your learner, including Space, Fairytales and Dinosaurs!

If you have a suggestion for a Themed Lesson pack, please contact us.

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