Book 17: This Crocodile or That Dragon?


This Book 17 bundle focuses on the consonant clusters /cl/, /cr/ and /dr/, with four high-frequency common words to help your learner start to read in English.

Book 17 of the Reading Program includes a downloadable reader, answer guide, spelling booklet, story slides, interactive questions, video, poster, flashcards and printable resources.


Book 17: This Crocodile or That Dragon?

Learn to read in English with Book 17 of the Reading Program. This download bundle includes:

  • A reader (color and monochrome)
  • An answer guide
  • A spelling booklet
  • Engaging story slides
  • An interactive comprehension activity
  • A video of the story with audio
  • A poster (A3 and A4 size)
  • Flashcard images and words
  • Printable resources – worksheets and activities.


Set 5 discount

Book 17 – This Crocodile or That Dragon? is part of Set 5 of the Reading Program.

Order Set 5 to receive a discount for this book. For example, Set 5 focuses on consonant cluster blends at the start of words with /bl/, /br/, /cl/, /cr/, /dr/, /fl/, /fr/, /gl/ and /gr/ (Books 16-19).


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